Houston Gardening
Gardening with Nana
Hoses and Watering are great!
I love fountains
Ah! Houston in October!
At the Zoo with Nana
A keyboard duet with Grandpa Robert
Cruisin’ with Deedee
Riding the train with mom
Flying High!
Eating out in the sun with Nana and Grandpa Bob
I love the slide.
Playing with Megan
Carrie and Megan
Rockin’ out for Carrie and Megan
Torsten and Megan at the piano
Rockin’ out at the piano
Torsten with Grandpa and Grandma T
Torsten Kitty playing
Swinging with Grandpa T
Tortsen and Carrie had a great visit to Houston.  (Matt was in North Carolina at a bat conference, unfortunately.)  Torsten loved visiting with grandparents despite the vicious mosquitos.  Catching up with former Juneau-ites Carrie, Adam, and Megan was a great part of the visit as well.
Talus Heavner Fall 2006