Carving Pumpkins was fun
Spooky Vision
Happy Pumpkin Day!!
Superman and Nemo
(Garrett and Torsten)
Sleepy Butterfly
Butterfly Wings
Uh huh
May the Force be with you
Halloween Fun
Butterfly Ava
Nemo and Butterfly
The Gang
Torsten, Carrie, and Debi
Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Halloween Rocks!
Trick or Treat
A School of Nemos
Butterfly Family
Princess Stella
Penguin Adelie
Serenading a Penguin
Torsten has been enjoying being Nemo for over a month--and finally Halloween arrived!  Torsten enjoyed his first symphony with Carrie (Matt was on travel)--it was a Halloween symphony and Torsten was one of the costume finalists!  Pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and all of the regularly Halloween fun was great!
Talus Heavner Fall 2006