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Peak Energy of Sprites

MJ Heavner, DD Sentman, EM Wescott, HC Stenbaek-Nielsen, MG McHarg, DR Moudry, FT Sao Sabbas, JS Morrill, CL Siefring, EJ Bucsella

Spectral observations of sprites with 17 ms resolution (video frame rate) reveals a fairly low energy phenomena (Hampton et. al., GRL, v23, 89-92, 1996). Filtered photometric observations, with microsecond time resolution, reveal an initial (~1 ms) high energy (~10 eV) signature followed by ~10 ms of low energy (~1 eV) emissions (Armstrong et al, JASTP, v60, 787-799, 1998; Suszcynsky et al, JASTP, v 60, 801-809, 1998). Analysis of filtered imagery and spectral observations from 1995-1998 (with 17 ms resolution) shows some events with energetic signatures >1 eV. The recent high speed imagery (1 ms resolution) and photometer (10 microsec resolution) observations obtained from ground stations at the Wyoming Infrared Observatory near Laramie WY operating in conjunction with the NASA 1999 Sprites Balloon Campaign are presented. The improved temporal resolution of the observations provides new insight to the interpretation of energetics of sprites.

Matt Heavner