Suka, Wonderdog!

2002 - 2019

What a wonderful life

Suka was a fantastic part of our lives and our family. We'll miss her. Here are a few memories.

So long ago, we met Suka at just a few weeks old in Fairbanks.

Suka grew into her long legs and many people thought she was a puppy until she was about 14 years old! She was a great protector of kids - Torsten, Aven, friends, cousins (Eli)..

Suka was a great adventure partner - she loved it all, but especially snow!

Suka celebrated her birthdays in style and was definitely a snow hound!

Suka had quite the life - she even got to play with Romeo, the Mendenhall Glacier wolf!

Sometimes Suka wasn't sure what we were getting her into - she would go along, but sometimes she thought we were crazy. Dogs and goats and a donkey all mixing it up together?!?!

Suka was a Dog Jog regular - she even ran it at age 16!

Suka was a great protector from strangers. And we have them stranger than most! We didn't get most of Suka's friends in this brief photo memorials, but here are Curt and Willis (and Suka protecting us!)

Suka, always full of love - we'll always love you!

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