Dave and Matt’s Excellent Adventure
Dave flew up from Los Alamos to Aspen and picked up Matt.  From there it was a re-fuel/pitstop in Boise, then on to Hoquiam, WA (after circling Mt. St. Helen’s--which was smoking!).  We spent the night in Hoquiam--Dave picked the airport for its NW location and cheap fuel.  We found a great Italian restaurant (Matt realized he’d been to Hoquiam before--it was very close to where Ben & Gretchen got married!).  The next morning (after breaking through the fog--.01 hours of IFR for Dave!) we crossed into Canadian airspace, had a great flight over Vancouver Island, and then went on up to Ketchikan.  After enjoying a “waffle cone” we were ready to take off, but the airport police had to chase a bear of the runway first.  From there, we flew up over Wrangell and then followed the Canadian/US border up in the icefield.  We circled Devil’s Thumb, flew over the Taku Glacier, and then down Mendenhall into Juneau.  What a flight!
Capt Dave pre-flights in Aspen
Lightning! (the green dots)
Smokin’ St. Helens
Rainier is Big
Hoquiam Approach
Hoquiam is at Sea Level
Hoquiam Gets Foggy
Leaving US Airspace
Horrible Flight Weather
Interesting Cloud Flow
Ketchikan Waffle Cone!
Chasing Bear off Ketch Runway
Taxi Out of Ketchikan
Looking Straight Down onto LaConte Glacier
Devil’s Thumb Approach
Devil’s Thumb from South-ish
Devil’s Thumb from West-ish
Devil’s Thumb from North-ish
Big Mountain
Down South Sawyer Glacier
Taku Glacier and Hole in the Wall
Twin Glaciers
Mendenhall Tower
Juneau Approach
Juneau Airport (Superbear Approach)
One of these aircraft is not like the other.
Torsten and Carrie greet us at the Juneau Airport!
Check out our flight!